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Mobile disco service for Oundle andsurrounding areas
Mobile disco service for Oundle and surrounding areas

30 years of experience

Ray has been DJ'ing since he was 14. While he never fulfilled his ambition of becoming a radio presenter, he found his place in mobile entertainment. Starting out early, he made his mistakes while he was still young, and has earned a reputation for providing reliable and competent entertainment. Brought up on a musical diet of Pink Floyd and ELO - with the occasional John Coltrane number thrown in - Ray has always had a keen ear for all styles of music. Usually favouring music older than himself, he prides himself on being able to provide entertainment for the older listener. While modern music is never shunned, the sounds of yesteryear are well-loved and readily provided.

Prior to going solo, he has worked with other disco roadshows. He worked with Northolt-based Mutley's Entertainment from , and from with Tottenham-based Spellbound Entertainment. He also worked alone from , before ceasing work due to family health issues. In he founded Soundle Entertainment, with an aim to provide his reliable brand of disco entertainment for Oundle and surrounding areas. In further recognition of his capabilities, Ray has recently been recruited by the prestigious entertainment company The UKDJ, who are dedicated to delivering top-class entertainment for the discerning customer.

Our difference

Whereas some DJ shows may specialise in current music, there exists a need for those that will cater to the older ear. Some people can feel alienated by certain modern styles of music. Even some younger people can have a desire to hear the music of the 70's and the 80's. And why not! If modern music is wanted, then it shall be served. New releases are purchased every Friday, so current music is kept fully up to date. There does remain an audience for what some folk may term "real" music. They must not be forgotten. We will happily provide sounds from a much more human period in music history.

So-called "guilty pleasures" are also encouraged. If you have a guilty pleasure, then why hide it away? If you want Mr Blue Sky, then you shall have it! Want to dance to Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey? Your needs shall be met. We can even go as far as providing Scottish, Irish, Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian music. A comprehensive selection of Latin styles are also available.

If your event also involves a live band, we will happily accommodate a shared setup. Sound and lighting can be be arranged for all to appreciate.

A selection of pictures from previous events:

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Your wedding

Why risk hiring the DJ who played Unforgettable five times at a wedding because he did not have any other "slow" songs? Your wedding event requires true devotion, with every stage of the event having its own carefully chosen soundtrack:

We always provide lighting that will match the colour scheme of your wedding. As for the music during the reception, this will be selected only to your requirements. If certain styles of music - or even certain songs - are not wanted, then you can rest assured this will be adhered to. If you do not want rap music, then you shall not be subjected to it - no matter how one or two people may complain. Your event remains your event. No ifs and buts.

Fun for all

As well as catering for all adult events, we also provide childrens' discos at greatly reduced rates. Kiddie games such as Pass The Parcel and Musical Statues are most welcome. Just bring the parcel, and we will entertain the kids!

Despite the fact that so much of today's music seems to be peppered with explicit lyrics - with even kiddie favourites Little Mix and Harry Styles managing to fall foul - you can rest assured that we will only play material that has been verified clean, and therefore suitable for younger ears. If a clean version of a popular song cannot be found, then one is made by way of manual editing. It is just one of the many hazards of modern music!


The days of vinyl records may be firmly in the past, with CD's, and even computers having taken their place. While this can make for a more compact arrangement, the responsibility still remains. Though anyone can furnish themself with a laptop and a DJ program, it still pays to put the job in the hands of someone competent. We do not turn up at your venue with one speaker, one light and a laptop - we are not hobbyists! We are devoted to your entertainment. Musical knowledge is highly important, as is having the broad spectrum of music available. While every DJ has to start somewhere, experience is not learned overnight. If your function is an important one, it pays to put in charge someone who can deliver.

You also need to make sure that the DJ you hire is fully insured with regard to Public Liability. Many venues - hotels especially - will insist upon seeing evidence of relevant insurance, along with proof of electrical safety, before setting up is even permitted on their premises. If the DJ cannot prove thus, they cannot play. It is a headache that you simply do not deserve. When choosing your DJ, do not be afraid to ask to see proof of insurance and electrical safety before committing, because come the important day, you do not want even the slightest of hiccup.

Paying the price

Some people decide our prices are beyond their budget, while others are surprised at how cheap we are. One customer told us that our quote was a third of what others roadshows were asking. The fact is, we neither undercharge nor overcharge. Instead we we provide for a price that sustains the business.

It is possible to find cheap DJ entertainment, but it is not advisable. Low price can mean low quality. The cheaper DJ may not charge enough to support their business for the long term, and you may only really be financing a hobby. Please also be wary of the new or younger DJ who claims to have 10,000 or more songs available. How did they come by such a quantity, and were they sourced legally? A responsible DJ does not need to boast, and has the decency to actually pay for their music.

Trying to save money can ultimately come with a high price tag. We do sadly receive calls from people who have had a DJ cancel on them at the last minute, and it is not pleasant. There is too much risk in hiring an amateur. Your event requires proper devotion - not someone sat on their backside looking out of place. Do not let price be the deciding factor when choosing your DJ. You would not choose a Tesco Value wedding cake or wedding dress, so why choose a Tesco Value DJ?

The following pictures are of genuine DJ setups that people actually paid real money for - more than likely because they were keen to save. Your event will happen only once, therefore a proper, competent and reliable service needs to be paid for.

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Booking Soundle

If you wish to hire Soundle for your event, please call Ray on 07474 929350 to discuss your needs. Alternatively you can send an email to You are very welcome to meet in person before your event, and a written contract can also be provided. We generally provide for venues within a 15 mile radius of Oundle. Please view this map to see if we cover your area. If you happen to fall outside of the catchment area, please contact us to see if we can still accommodate.